autumn slowdown

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In an effort to organize my blog, I spent the morning adding pertinent categories and labeling past posts. As part of the labeling exercise, I discovered many draft posts that had been forgotten and lost among those that had made it to publishing status. The following is one such post — drafted in 2012 — which will be followed by many more (hopefully) in the next few months. Although a few weeks late since we’re now past the falling leaves of autumn and under a few inches of snow, the sentiment is no less.

Screenshot 2015-11-29 12.30.13

i adore autumn

the initiating months of the season have long been my favorite time of year. forget the new year and the months that follow with barren foliage, cold temperatures

slow down, recollect and regroup: the summer months provide a plethora of activities

hibernation and the elimination guilt of wasting a warm, sunny day is replaced by relishing in a afternoon of reading, curled up on the couch

that first morning when you see your breath

the crisp chill in the air

smells of cinnamon and pumpkin and spiced apples = comfort

the return of football

warm, satisfying foods

root vegetables

sweaters and boots and tights

new beginnings in the form of school years and my birthday

first snow flanked by days of temps in the 70s

when the temperatures drop, I don’t feel guilty staying in, the need of constant movement and involvement ceases. the falling temps force people inside

the obligation to be out and about cease

the colors of burgandy and turquoise and rusts

welcoming winter sports

early sunsets (as long as they don’t take place before I leave the office)

bundling up in warm coats and scarves and boots and gloves


falling leaves and the unique sounds that come from sweeping them across the sidewalk and then crunching them underfoot

waking up wrapped in covers in a warm bed

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