week in review

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“You don’t have to take a course or buy a product. All you have to do is change your mind.” ~Steven Pressfield
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.50.14
Who says there aren’t great things in the suburbs? Okay, I do — but a visit to Wonderland Brewery in Broomfield this week proved me wrong. #pumpkinale
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.50.02
Sunday morning spent coloring + sipping coffee + podcast listening. #bliss
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.49.47
Grateful for time with these lovely ladies.
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.49.36
Meet the newest edition to my household. It was love at first sight.
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.49.26
I can never get enough of this amazing pup. #WishSheWereMine
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.49.17
She’s not much help on the songs, but she sure is cute.
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.49.08
Because who doesn’t love a handwritten thank-you note after a 3.5-year project?
Screenshot 2015-11-14 09.48.58
I’m one of those weirdos who actually loves winter + snow . . .
week in review
dinner + drinks + dancing with friends
monthly budget check + update + annual credit report check
Rock & Roll Bingo + snuggles with my favorite pup
final project stats (SO MUCH MATH)
going-away happy hour for temp member of work team
interviewed + extended offer to new temp member of work team
drinks + catching up with friend
work happy hour
trivia + second place
late-night dinner + talking + laughing with one of my favorite people
welcomed first snow of the season
wrote thank-you notes for project team
productive workweek
lots of coloring time
received super sweet card + gift from my mama
shopping for cards + gifts at my favorite local store
continued reading Self-Compassion
lots of time spent journaling + reflecting
devoured the entire first season of Master of None
Pitch Perfect 2 viewing + dinner with friends
mourned with the world for Beirut + Paris
wrote + posted weeks in review
weekend wishlist 
blog post: what I’m loving this week
Denver Film FestivalFrame by Frame Radical Grace
going-away party for friend
read Turning Pro Do The Work
catch up on Master Your Life coursework
handwritten notes
clean house
run + workout

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