week in review

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“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” ~Steven Pressfield, the War of Art
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.10.00
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.09.49
grateful for time spent with this beautiful babe this week
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.09.36
Devil for nine points. #Scrabble #Halloween #Nerdoween
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.09.20
There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s — or to wash it down.
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.09.05
When office politics include a highly-contested border war. Go, Pokes!
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.08.54
New Belgium + Ben & Jerry’s = deliciousness
Screenshot 2015-11-07 12.08.36
some commutes are better than others
week in review
participated in Master Your Life course week-three call
yummy dinner/drinks + catching up with good friend
binge watched my new favorite show
traveled to the Western Slope to conduct website training
enjoyed being back home + normal routine
attended bookclub
beers + website talk with friend
attempted trivia, but left midway through due to annoying participants
after years of contemplation, made this purchase (yay!)
conducted lessons learned for 2013 SharePoint Migration Project
project-close celebration with project team
cheered loudly for the Broncos — GB v DEN
Sunday-morning walk with friend + babe
played life-sized Scrabble for Halloween
productive work week
almost completed puzzle-room challenge
post puzzle-room drinks
wrote + posted weeks in review
completed no-spend October
finished round two of the War of Art

weekend wishlist 
monthly budget check + update + annual credit report check
dinner + night out with friends
catch up on handwritten notes (holdover from last week)
clean house
piano, piano, piano
catch up on Master Your Life coursework
write + journal + read

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