week(s) in review

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“The hill is a sonofabitch but what can you do? Set one foot in front of another and keep climbing.” ~ Steven Pressifled, the War of Art 

Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.24.39
After 10 days of travel, it’s good to be home.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.21.44
35k is my happy place.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.21.55
Columbia campus. Fingers crossed I’ll be spending more time here beginning fall 2017.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.22.13
Manhattan skyline via Central Park.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.22.32
Practice makes perfect — or, at the very least, ensures you get through your presentation.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.22.58
Can’t get enough of this city. I ❤ NYC.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.23.09
Took myself out on a little post-presentation solo date in the Big Apple.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.23.21
Grateful my travels took me to the PNW and this awesome lady. #AuntsRock
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.23.34
Pumpkin patch with a view. #MtBaker
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.23.44
I’ve been waiting YEARS to visit this place. It not only lived up to my expectations, it annihilate them (in a good way).
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.23.58
Microsoft, where everything is Microsoft — even the coffee.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.24.14
The PNW bidding me adieu in the most appropriate way.
Screenshot 2015-11-01 08.24.26
Colorado peeking through the clouds.
week(s) in review
10 days of travel + coast-to-coast
Columbia meeting
drove 655 miles + 13 hours in-flight
lots + lots + lots of practicing for presentation
fun weekend hiking, exploring PNW with aunt + cousin
solo Broadway date
survived no-spend October in NYC
completed ballot for Nov. 3 election
Master Your Life course kickoff + week one and two
crossed off state 48 (Oregon)
read + fell in love with The War of Art
made new connections + networked
got a head start on holiday shopping thanks to the Microsoft store
spent hours in the magnificent Powell’s City of Books
attended friend’s birthday party + brunch
weekend wishlist 
complete no-spend October
catch up from being gone
spend time with friends
celebrate Halloween
catch up on handwritten notes
Master Your Life week two + finish week one
write + journal + read
monthly budget review

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