week in review

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Don’t waste this precious life by merely existing.
Screenshot 2015-10-17 09.28.17
grateful for some Bailey time
Screenshot 2015-10-17 09.30.25
love this self-care illustration (credit: @wellnessbyhelen)
Screenshot 2015-10-17 09.30.09
And then there are days when you just say fuck it and go to the spa.
Screenshot 2015-10-17 09.29.59
Wait, it’s October, right?
Screenshot 2015-10-17 09.29.48
local + fresh veggies from my CSA. yum!
week in review
completed + submitted presentation for Intranet Global Forum conference
continued no-buy October
began 2016 travel planning + list
attempted to focus on mindfulness/breathing + discovered this helpful tool
spent lots of time with bestie + baby girl
dinner + catching up with friend
signed up for cooking class
yard work
restarted reading Self-Compassion
scheduled project close-out activities for work project
attended ww meeting + recorded 0.4 lb. gain
tracked + stayed w/in ww points allocation
journaling + writing
rock and roll bingo
nutrition goal: focused on getting lots of H2O
caught up with friend over drinks
much-needed massage + spa time
happy hour + catching up with long-time friend
signed up for 10-week Master Your Life course
enjoyed unseasonably warm temps
began work for MYL course + jumping-off assignment
wrote + posted weeks in review
picked up first week of CSA share
implemented daily scorecard (but didn’t use each day)
weekend wishlist 
continue reading Self-Compassion
catch up on handwritten notes
Master Your Life course kickoff
write + journal
Project Prioritize ME blog post
prepare for NYC + Seattle trip
read + write
tweak daily scorecard
fine-tune + practice presentation for Intranet Global Forum conference
attend friend’s birthday party + brunch
plan for upcoming week
laundry + other house work

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