week(s) in review

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“We are the authors of our lives. We write our own daring endings.” ~Brene Brown, Rising Strong
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.17.04
on our way to Red Frog Resort via water taxi
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.16.08
extreme ATVing through the Panamanian jungle
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.15.04
this view + this book = bliss
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.14.53
sustained a few bumps and bruises, but it was totally worth it.
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.14.43
travel-partner extraordinaire
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.14.33
that view hough
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.14.21
views like this are why I love flying.
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.14.11
Screenshot 2015-10-10 12.13.57
week(s) in review
new iPhone (yay!)
Sunday coffee with friend
wrote + posted losing while living on PPME
brunch + tried out new neighborhood restaurant
finished reading Rising Strong
celebrated friends’ wedding in Panama
survived (barely) extreme ATVing in the Panamanian jungle
enjoyed five days of vacation + beach and pool time
met lots of new friends
returned to reality + work
began month of no buying
met one of my bestie’s baby girl
two weeks closer to finishing big work project
held final department meeting + interview for work project (YAY!)
attended ww meeting + recorded 1.4 lb. gain
lots of journaling + writing
week three + four Project Prioritize ME
wrote + posted week in review
purchased 2016 CSA share
survived medical scare + doc appointment + ultrasound + shots
weekend wishlist 
catch up from being gone
rest + heal leg
begin reading Big Magic
pay bills + budget check-in
work on + finish presentation for Intranet Global Forum conference
plan for upcoming week
get back on track w/ww after going a bit crazy on vaca

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