week in review

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ~George Eliot
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.35.26
I couldn’t very well celebrate my birthday without a stop to my favorite neighborhood brewery, where of course we ended up playing a board game.
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.35.04
So very grateful to celebrate my birthday with such fantastic friends!
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.34.26
Perks of my job: Rockies games and getting to hang out with this girl — one of my faves from my electric co-op family. I’ve missed her!
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.34.14
Proof you can live life and still lose! Down five pounds this week and still went out with friends, drank yummy beer and had lots of fun the past week — all while on plan.
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.34.05
Apparently Tuesday was my lucky night: winner on single bingo AND quad.
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.33.53
sours. yum.
Screenshot 2015-09-27 08.33.42
Up before the sun on a weekend to volunteer for the Colorado Symphony 5k. I’m so lucky to live in this beautiful city!
week in review
survived an overly busy + event-filled week
volunteered at the Colorado Symphony 5k
Saturday brunch with friends
checked out the Small Press Fest
impromptu brewery tour with friends + visitors from Australia
roof-top drinks + dinner with girlfriends
one week closer to finishing big work project
kicked ass at Rock ‘n Roll trivia
enjoyed the start to my favorite season
attended ww meeting + recorded 5.4-lb. loss
attended communications conference + caught up with co-op friends
caught up on handwritten notes
introduced out-to-town friends to breweries
cheered on the Rox at Coors Field
guest bartended at The Denver Press Club to raise money for the Denver VOICE
dinner with co-workers
celebrated my 35th birthday
manis + pedis with one of my besties
continued reading book-club read
journaling + writing
purchased Big Magic
week two Project Prioritize ME
began 100 Days of Happiness
wrote + posted start now on PPME blog
wrote + posted week in review

weekend wishlist 
rest + kick stupid cold before Panama
pick up new iPhone (yay!)
finish book club read
pay bills + budget check-in
Sunday coffee with friend
write + post PPME blog post
prepare for Panama trip
register for book writing workshop (holdover from last weekend)
plan for upcoming week

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