week in review

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” . . . send me your hostages via email.” + “Stop by my office so we can brainwash . . . ” ~emails to coworkers as a result of an exhausting workweek + help of my phone’s autocorrect

Screenshot 2015-09-12 10.19.07
there are many reasons why fall is my favorite season and pumpkin beer definitely makes that list.
Screenshot 2015-09-12 10.18.54
Does this mean I’ve officially made it? I thought fame would feel so different. 😉 #onlinedating #okcupid
Screenshot 2015-09-12 10.18.38
one of the many delicious bloody marys I enjoyed over the holiday weekend.
Screenshot 2015-09-12 10.18.26
9-11 remembrance + community-service work event.
week in review
enjoyed a relaxing three-day + holiday weekend
lots of time spent with friends via brunches + dinners + drinks
Denver VOICE monthly meeting
9-11 remembrance + community service
post-VOICE meeting burgers + bourbon with board members
first-team strategic planning session
post-planning happy hour with coworkers
tweet featured on dating blog
drinks + board games at what is becoming my regular brewery
housewarming party
productive + extremely busy workweek
 wrote + posted week in review
bought tickets for Elephant Revival show
wrote + journaled
cleaned + de-dogged house
weekend wishlist 
attend Denver FLEA + spend time with friends
pay bills + update budget
pre-order new iPhone
library trip to pick up next book-club read (holdover from last weekend)
catch up on hand-written notes (holdover from last week)
relax + read + write
plan for upcoming week
review + edit daybook 4.0 draft for Kimberley Wilson
write manifesto
celebrate the fact that football has returned + cheer on the Broncos

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