week in review

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“Joy comes to us in moments — ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.” ~Brené Brown, Daring Greatly
Screenshot 2015-07-25 10.51.26
this summer has been full of rainbows, but nothing beats a sunset combined with a beautiful Colorado sunset.
Screenshot 2015-07-25 10.51.57
grateful for time spent catching up on handwritten notes + enjoying a yummy iced coffee.
Screenshot 2015-07-25 10.51.36
after months and months of deliberation, I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing this beauty.
Screenshot 2015-07-25 10.51.17
IPAs + good company made for a pretty great hump day.
Screenshot 2015-07-25 10.50.48
penguins + beer + Colorado sunshine
week in review
zoo day + company summer picnic
post-picnic drinks with coworkers
attended birthday party
paid library fines + began reading In the Shadow of the Banyan
continued reading Daring Greatly
survived busy work week + writer and boss being on vacay
completed trip planning for Panama
caught up on handwritten notes
got my hair did + spent time catching up with favorite stylist
two (good) dates
pedis + catching up with a good friend
attended third Women’s Wisdom Circle + process painting + learned about Baba Yaga
tried out a new restaurant + caught up with friend
therapy session
treated myself to my new favorite accessory
yummy dinner + drinks with friends
wrote + posted week(s) in review

weekend wishlist 
attend VOICE board planning session + donor call bank
celebrate 40th birthday with dear friend
maybe attend Yoga Rocks the Park (depending upon birthday celebration)
Sunday BBQ with friends
create list of blog post ideas
 work on website
plan for upcoming week
mid-year goals checkin

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