week in review

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Change the world by being yourself.
Screenshot 2015-07-19 10.41.11
Red Rocks rainbow
Screenshot 2015-07-19 10.42.01
rain seems to be the theme for spring + summer 2015.
Screenshot 2015-07-19 10.41.41
introduced my Arkansas friends to one of my favorite breweries + trivia
Screenshot 2015-07-19 10.41.30
tune-yards at Red Rocks
week in review
signed up + began Introduction to Philosophy class on coursera
attended Denver VOICE monthly board meeting
girls night at Red Rocks for tune-yards + Death Cab for Cutie
addressed + sent baby shower invites
yard work
enjoyed new Tame Impala album on repeat + repeat + repeat
hosted friends from Arkansas
continued work on personal branding + website
wrote bio for Intranet Global Forum
busy + productive work week
attended work happy hour
caught up with childhood friend over dinner
binged watched the first season of Bob’s Burgers
wrote + posted week(s) in review
weekend wishlist 
zoo day + company summer picnic
begin reading I Know How She Does It
create list of blog post ideas
birthday celebration at one of my favorite breweries
host friends from Arkansas
complete trip planning + booking for Panama
work on website
plan for upcoming week
catch up on hand-written notes (holdover from last weekend)

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