week(s) in review

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let your practice
be whatever it is that moves you
moves you to love
moves you to heal
move you to savor this moment
moves you to connect
let your practice
be uniquely yours
and know it doesn’t need to live in a book
or be taught by a “master”
find what you relate to
that makes you feel what you want to feel
that guides you to celebrate the experience
of being alive. ~Coby Kozlowski

Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.40.19
Happy 1st birthday to this little guy!
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.39.53
Waterfall selfie in the Black Hills.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.39.43
View for the week at the family reunion. Not too shabby.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.39.23
Fourth of July celebration in my hometown.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.39.06
Family hike in the Black Hills.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.38.49
Double rainbow in Boulder.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.38.29
Super proud of my cousin and her first art show (her piece is on the right).
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.38.11
Playing tour guide for the day at Red Rocks.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.38.00
Lake day at Keyhole in Wyoming.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 10.37.16
Hanging out in Spearfish Park with my nephew, who was having fun — despite his propensity to frown in every picture.
week(s) in review
enjoyed Blues From the Top + time in the mountains with friends
pizza on the porch + catching up with friend
kicked ass at trivia with work friends
travel to + from SoDak
lots and lots of family-fun time in SoDak + Wyo at Eixenberger family reunion
hometown fourth celebration + fireworks + carnival rides
played tour guide + hosted family
supported local artists at Horseshoe Market summer market
continued reading I Am Not Myself These Days
enjoyed lots of snuggle time with nieces + nephew
celebrated first birthday of friend’s son
savored lots of outdoor time in the Black Hills — hikes, park games, lake day
notified will be featured speaker at Intranet Global Forum in NYC(!)
wrote + posted week in review
attended cousin’s first art show + purchased new pieces
Sunday wish list
plan for upcoming week
catch up on hand-written notes
catch up + rest from travels + hosting


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