week in review

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“Take her to the moon for me, Joy.” ~Bing Bong, Inside Out

Screenshot 2015-06-27 08.37.16
Catching up on handwritten notes. I WILL meet my goal of 52 in 2015.
Screenshot 2015-06-27 08.37.01
What a beautiful day! #Equality #JusticeKennedy #MarriageEquality #yes #LoveWins
Screenshot 2015-06-27 08.36.49
Solo-movie date. I wasn’t hard to miss as I was the only adult sans kiddo at an animated movie. #InsideOut #solodate
Screenshot 2015-06-27 08.36.36
You know it’s a legit sunset when the picture looks best sans filter. #sunset #Denver #TheSkyIsPink #Colorado #summer #AfterTheRain
Screenshot 2015-06-27 08.36.25
Reading one of my favorite books + sipping on one of my favorite drinks at one of my favorite restaurants while I waited for two of my favorite people to join me for dinner. Life is good.
week in review
celebrated SCOTUS’ historic decision to legalize gay marriage (YAY!)
attended house-warming party + caught up with friends
baby shower planning (for friend)
called dad to wish him a happy father’s day
yummy dinner date
lots of yard work
pedis with friends
skin club + peel
dinner + drinks with good friends
lots of time spent reading + writing
annual optometry appointment
drinks at the new Avery Brewing location
dinner + catching up with friend (cut short by annoying fire alarm)
therapy appointment
lunch date
Denver Passport happy hour with friends
solo-movie date to see Inside Out
caught up on hand-written notes + postcards
 continued reading Daring Greatly + impromptu discussion on book with stranger at Starbucks
wrote + posted week in review
purchased URLs + began work on website (coming soon!) / branding + other plans from Paris retreat


weekend wish list
time in the mountains +  blues festival
plan for upcoming week

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