week in review

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” ~Rumi
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.42.38
post-yoga happiness at the Luxembourg Garden
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.42.11
Laudrée: a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.41.57
champagne tasting on the River Seine
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.41.39
Penning-in-Paris ladies + yoga
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.41.25
channeling the greats at Les Deux Magots
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.47.24
night visit to the Eiffel Tower + River Seine 
Screenshot 2015-06-14 20.55.15
meditation + candles for grandpas + grandma at St. Germain Des Pres
week in review
DEN –> Iceland
lots of movie watching + reading on flights + airport time
spent 18 hours exploring very rainy, cold and windy Reykjavik and surrounding areas + drove in foreign country (first!)
navigated sans GPS after phone charger ceased to do its job
enjoyed meeting + conversing with locals
mistaken for native Icelander multiple times (blond hair + blue eyes)
Iceland –> Paris
met up with Penning-In-Paris retreat ladies
picnic + writing + napping under the Eiffel Tower
savored café latte + crêpe next to the River Seine
champagne tasting + photos on the River Seine
treated to blog workshop by Paris To Go’s Ariana Schwarz
successfully ordered first meal in Paris + pretended I understood serveur
morning yoga + sunshine + writing workshops in Luxembourg Garden
enjoyed many sidewalk café meals + wine
navigated + explored Paris with paper map
purchased new bag + explored in Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter
spent time at lovely vintage shop chatting with owner
enjoyed yummy salade niçoise near Tuileries Garden
explored WH Smith + researched authors and books
walked + walked + walked + walked the streets of Paris
writing + social media workshop + wine + macarons in Tuileries Garden
enjoyed daily breakfast + crushing on espresso-drinking business man in hotel restaurant
attended morning writing workshop followed by walk through 6th arr
meditated + lit candles for grandparents at oldest church in Paris
relished in the beauty and deliciousness of pâtisserie lunch at Laudrée
channeled the greats at Les Deux Magot
enjoyed dinner + wine + laughs at authentic French restaurant
viewed Eiffel Tower at night + sparkles
successfully navigated the metro
reveled in time with workshop friends
experienced many memorable cab rides
photoshoot at Luxembourg Garden
post-yoga lavender ice cream
treated to writing discussion by Naughty Paris author Heather Stimmler-Hall
shopping poetry reading at Shakespeare & Co.
dinner at Tea Caddy
created workshop takeaway plan + one- and five-year goals
took many pictures + attempted to capture the beauty of the City of Light
shopping + enjoyed rooftop views of Paris view via Galaries Lafayette
happy hour + exploring Paris night scene with new friends
wrote + posted week(s) in review

weekend + wish list
travel home
unpack + unwind
catch up at home + with friends
reacclimate to MDT + prepare to return to work after two days away from the office

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