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I have heard many a time that the days + weeks + years seem to pass more quickly the older one gets, and this week was definitive proof of that belief. I briefly recall waking on Monday morning and now, here it is, Saturday. Where did the last 120 hours go? *sigh*

The creation of this list and reflection on the past week are always an enjoyable time for me. However, in times of extreme busyness, the essentialness of setting aside time to force a slowdown, to contemplate on the past seven days and appreciate the time and events that occurred — good, bad or indifferent — has become crucial to my sanity. This downtime also serves as an excellent (and much-needed) reminder to the importance of enjoying each day +  moment — taking regular pauses to allow myself to appreciate what is and breathe.

Screenshot 2014-12-13 12.11.38
danced + danced + danced
Screenshot 2014-12-13 12.14.51
Starskee and Hutch may have come in last in our skeeball league, but we had fun doing it (despite what this photo may depict).
Screenshot 2014-12-13 12.13.44
book club wine tasting + fancy
Screenshot 2014-12-13 12.12.44
fresh manicure + post-run coffee and relaxation
week in review
mani + pedi with one of my besties
lots of fun had at book club holiday party
enjoyed a low-key night in with the girls
submitted Tennyson St. Small Business Holiday Passport (forgot. bummed.)
grocery shopping + cooked for the week
two weekend workouts (sadly, none took place during the week)
paid bills + updated monthly budget + started 2015 financial planning
holiday preparation + shopping + wrote cards

worked A LOT + 2015 team planning session + continued progress on big projects
ended our inaugural skeeball season with a last-place finish (but, much fun was had)
attended Denver VOICE board meeting
began receiving lovely holiday cards from friends and family
completed DiSC profile analysis for work + began constantly using the results as an excuse for EVERYTHING I do (joking. sort of.)
gratefully accepted nomination + elected 2015 president of the Denver VOICE
spent time going through my chest-full-o-memories + reading through old journals + purged a few gifts from ex-boyfriends
dinner + drinks with Voice board members + staff
wrote + posted: week in review
danced and danced and danced at the sold-out Shakey Graves show
continued reading 10% Happier
continued reading The Red Tent
celebrated with coworkers at annual company holiday party
secured a spot in my fantasy football league’s playoffs (barely)
fun day with a bestie + mile high flea market + watched broncos game

weekend wish list
dress up in holiday attire + attend multiple holiday parties
sleep in (accomplished)
journal + write
finish reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
grocery shopping + cook for the week
one workout
shop + support local artists + stores at Horseshoe Holiday Market
stalk my mailman in the hopes he will deliver Tranquility Daybook 3.0
continue holiday preparation + write cards + purchase gifts + begin planning annual day of fun with nieces and nephew
enjoyed two work lunches that didn’t seem like work at all
spend time working + prepare for upcoming busy week (not super happy about this)
write thank you notes for Denver VOICE Colorado Gives Day donors

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