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The author of one of my favorite blogs features a weekly post in which she lists her happenings for the past week, as well as her weekend wish list. I find it inspiring and have been concocting a list of my own for the past year or so but haven’t thought to include it here.

However, in an effort to post more regularly and also help keep myself accountable for goals such as workouts, Whole30 Challenge, creative time, etc., I’ve decided to begin sharing my weekly reviews in the hopes I won’t bore all of my friends and others who read my blog. I’m also planning to include a quote that reflects the week. Here goes . . .

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Kicked off the week with a challenging, yet awesome, boot camp class.
Kicked off the week with a challenging, yet awesome, boot camp class.
This big guy greeted me during my time downtown for SharePoint Fest.
This big guy greeted me during my time downtown for SharePoint Fest.
week in review
completed long list of errands and house tasks
attended lularoe skirt party + visited friend + purchased two cute skirts
watched broncos game with friends
completed days 6-12 of whole30 challenge (yay!)
submitted food journal for first successful week of whole 30 challenge
purchased new journal for 34
celebrated birthday with mani/pedi + dinner + shopping with friend
learned lots + reconnected with friends at SharePoint Fest Denver
happy hour (sans alcohol) with friends
attended trivia with friends
spent a relaxing friday night in + bed at 9:30 p.m.
welcomed new employee + onboarded
purchased rosetta stone french edition
received new information on big project + got mad + got over it
attended + led many, many, many work meetings
accomplished many work tasks + spent time planning, organizing and prioritizing
bought new books to enjoy this month: “me before you” “paris letters” “a year by the sea
indulged in some TV time: the mindy project, finished californication (sniff)
finished reading “it starts with food
sent birthday card to grandma
spent time at my favorite store perusing cards + other goodies
wrote + published blog post: “prioritization: health edition
purchased spiral veggie slicer
weekend wish list
complete days 13 – 14 whole30 challenge
two workouts (one down)
listen to bonjour september podcast
craft goals for 34
celebrate birthday with friends + bowling
finish “the untethered soul
dive into “me before you”
pay bills
mow yard
purchase train ticket harrisburg –> nyc
figure out how to use spiral veggie slicer
yard games + time with friends
go through clothes + make donation pile

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