my new love

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One of my favorite takeaways from my recent trip to California was a bike ride along the LBC. So, with that amazing memory still fresh in my mind, last week after months and months of procrastinating, I finally decided to buy a bike of my own.

so pretty! although, this photo doesn't even begin to do her justice.

It was the Friday before my birthday and a bike seemed an appropriate reward for making it through my first year of my 30s. So, after extensive online research and advice from coworkers and friends, I headed to Performance Bike to pick up  my new ride (totally recommend these guys — they were great!).

After a short trip on my shoddy bike rack, my new ride was home. Yay! After a bit of internal deliberation, I decided she would be a house-bike, versus leaving her in the parking garage with my rarely used and very rusty mountain bike. And, after wheeling her down the hall into my apartment, I sat on the couch and stared in admiration. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her — so shiny and pretty and new!

She is strong, sturdy and functional with seven gears, multiple reflectors, a chain guard and soon, LED front and rear lights (it’s been slow going on the installations of those guys), while donning  just enough pink to be a bit girly. Plus, she’s a step-through, which is a necessity for an owner who practically lives in dresses during the warm months.  Of course, I had accessorized her with the necessary accoutrements: a detachable basket (which is only rated for the weight of a six-pack, as instructed by the salesman) and a kickstand (a bell is forthcoming).

The next morning, it was time to stop drooling and see what she could do. Our inaugural ride began with a breakfast stop at Hi*Rise and then we were off to a bike pub crawl. And? It. Was. Awesome. I felt free and special and, well, like a kid again.

Now, I’m not usually one to fall in love quickly. But, after just our first date, I found myself completely head over heels for my new ride. Who knew riding a bike  instantly results in instantaneous and insane happiness?!

So, although I am now technically “into” my 30s, with the help of my new love, I have never felt more youthful. Best birthday present, ever!

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